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The story behind Clancy’s Irish Pub


Clancy’s Irish Pub and the family behind it, has a rich history in the St. Louis area!

In 1850, an Irish butcher named Timothy Clancy left County Clare, Ireland and journeyed to North St. Louis. In 1869 he and his wife, Mary, had their son, Frank Clancy, Sr.

In the early 1900’s, Frank, Sr and his wife, Lottie, opened Clancy’s Market; a butcher shop and provisional market located at 4011 Garfield Ave.


Their son, Frank, Jr was born and grew up working as a butcher at the market. He and his wife had Frank III in 1927.

In 1928, Frank Sr and Lottie purchased property out West and built their family’s summer home on Old State Road- what the Pub is today.

In 1977, Frank III and his wife Elizabeth opened a 2-story, brick butcher shop and in 1982 opened a sandwich deli with one beer on tap in the family’s summer home.

That sandwich deli is the Pub you are sitting in today.

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5 generations later, Nick Clancy and his wife, Olivia, (and their 6th generation children) are still carrying the family tradition of serving delicious food from their family-owned and operated business.

Thank you to the generations of customers who have proudly supported us over the years and for bringing your family somewhere, they’ll bring their family.


-1837 Ellisville settled by Captain James Harvey Ferris and was later sold to Vespasian Ellis- a newspaper editor and for whom Ellisville Village was named.

-1932, local voters approve the creation of Ellisville Village.

-1933, Lottie and Frank Clancy, Sr. head West from St. Louis City and purchase the property

which now encompasses the Burger King, KFC, and Bussman Industrial Park lots to build a

family summer home. This property eventually passes on to Grandma and Grandpa Clancy

(Louise and Frank, Jr.).

-1948 Grandma & Grandpa Clancy build 54 Old State Road (Now West County Roofing & Construction).

-1952 Louise and Frank, Jr.’s son, Frank III and his wife  Elizabeth, also move to the area and

purchase the Clancy home at 844 Old State.

-1956 Holy Infant Catholic Church & School was built and opened. M

-1957 Ellisville is officially incorporated from Village to City.

-1959 Frank III opened a butcher shop at Northeast corner of New Ballwin Road  and Manchester Road,

(now Walgreens).

-1970’sFrank Jr ran the summer home as an Antique/Hardware Store

-1972- Frank III decided to build his own butcher shop on land owned by his mom (the Butcher Shop behind the bar)

-1976- Grandma Clancy (Louise) sold 40 acres to Bussman Industrial Park and kept  the front for her family.

-1977 Frank III tore down the original butcher shop at 40 Old State Road and built the large brick, 2-story butcher shop that was later sold to QuikTrip.

-1982 Frank III opened a sandwich shop and deli in the family’s summer home- now  known as Clancy’s Irish Pub.

-1993 Matt & Angie become owners of Clancy's Irish Pub & Deli

-1999 Frank III passed away and Ann sold the butcher shop property to QuikTrip.

-2021 Nick and Olivia Clancy become owners of Clancy’s Irish Pub.

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